Top 5 Foods to Decrease Risk of Heart Disease


The main thing that causes heart disease is a high level of cholesterol intake. Therefore, if you are trying to decrease your risk or even prevent you from getting heart disease, it is important to limit the amount of cholesterol that you consume and put into your body.

1. Oatmeal

One of the best foods that help prevent heart disease is oatmeal. It is extremely low in cholesterol and helps opens up blood vessels which decrease your risk of heart disease. In addition, oatmeal can absorb any extra or unnecessary cholesterol from your body. Having oatmeal with some fruit such as blueberries or raspberries for breakfast would be an extremely healthy breakfast. If you are unable to eat oatmeal, other grain products such as whole wheat bread are a great alternative.

2. Fish

Fish, as we all know, is one of the world’s healthiest foods. Most fish are organic meaning that they do not have any chemicals because they are unable to survive under such conditions and will not grow properly. Moreover, fish contains omega-3 which is vital for your body and helping you reduce the risk of any type of heart illness or disease. It is recommended that you eat fish at least one to twice a week.

3. Nuts

Another great food to help reduce the risk heart disease is by eating nuts. Any type of nut will do from walnuts to peanuts to pistachios. Nuts are rich in protein which will make your heart much healthier and stronger and in turn, decreasing your risk of having any type of heart illness. Try to pick out the ones that do not have any added salt because that wouldn’t do you any good. In addition, avoid eating a huge amount of nuts at one time.

4. Eggs

The fourth type of food is eggs. Just like nuts, they are an excellent source of protein which is vital for a healthy and strong heart. In addition, eggs can help remove any extra fat that can block blood vessels which result in heart diseases. By eating one egg each day, it would help contribute to a healthier heart.

5. Raw Vegetables

Raw vegetables are another amazing food for your heart. Sometimes when you cook your vegetables, you overcook it and all the proteins and nutrients are all gone. In raw vegetables, all the nutrients and minerals are there. Therefore, by eating raw vegetables you are in taking completely all the nutrients that are available in a certain vegetable. This of course, helps reduce your risk of heart disease.

This is not the complete list but rather just the top best five foods to help your heart. Other than food, it is important that you exercise daily and drink plenty of water!